The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex on Net

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex on Net

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex on the Net gives you all of the basics you need to explore the Internet for adult content. This book provides you with straight forward content on the adult side of the Internet: where to go on the Net (websites and newsgroups), how to do searches on the Net, how to purchase adult merchandise on the Net, protocols for responding to messages (safety related tips). The book also looks at the basics of online dating for those looking for a bit more. Foreword by Chip Rowe, the Playboy Advisor.

Author note: This book was written as a guide to sexual content and sexuality on the Internet in its early days. At the last moment, Que removed almost every picture and put World War II-style censor bars over anything remotely naughty that remained. If you want to see or read anything on the websites referenced, you’ll have to visit them or use your imagination. If I’d known beforehand that they were going to remove the pictures, I wouldn’t have bothered selecting a pseudonym.


  1. Sexual Content on the Net: What’s Out There, Where Can I Find It, and What Software Do I Need?
  2. Web Browsers
  3. Newsgroups: Dirty Discussions and Plentiful Pictures 
  4. Email: Mail You Can Use with Ease 
  5. Other Useful Utilities 
  6. Finding Sex on the Web
  7. Safe from Prying Eyes 
  8. Free, “Free," and Commercial Web Sites
  9. Sex and America Online
  10. General Picture Sites
  11. Amateur Sites
  12. Of Interest to Women
  13. Women with Women
  14. Fetishes: Sexual Special Interest Groups
  15. Cartoons and Anime
  16. Just for Laughs 
  17. Special Interest Sites 
  18. Multimedia: Lights, Camera, Action! 
  19. Erotica 
  20. Spice Up Your Love Life 
  21. Lets Play Dress Up
  22. Up Close and Personal
  23. Information, Please!
  24. An Introduction to Chat
  25. Text Chat 
  26. Audio Chat 
  27. Video Chat

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sex on the Net

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328 pages
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Que Publishing, 1999

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