Return to Zork Adventurer's Guide

Return to Zork Adventurer's Guide

Infocom's DOS-based Return to Zork was one of the most widely-owned games of the early 1990's. Unlike today's hack, slash, and annihilate extravaganzas, Return to Zork required players to explore, map, and solve puzzles--emphasizing thinking over dexterity. It was the first graphic (rather than text) Zork adventure. Return to Zork Adventurer's Guide is the original best-selling book designed to help players master Return to Zork.

Covering both the CD- and floppy-based editions of the game, this guide includes:

  • Screenshots that illustrate key game elements and puzzles
  • Detailed play maps
  • Multiple levels of hints that provide just the help you need without spoiling the game
  • A complete game walkthrough

If you're a collector of game memorabilia, you'll want this signed, original copy of the definitive guide to the game!

Return to Zork Adventurer’s Guide

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176 pages
Retail: $14.95
Prima Publishing (Secrets of the Games), 1993

Siliconwasteland price: Signed $750.00

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