Macworld FileMaker Pro 2.0/2.1 Bible

Macworld FileMaker Pro 2.0/2.1 Bible

Created by Steve Schwartz in 1994, Macworld FileMaker Pro 2.0/2.1 Bible is the first title in his popular IDG Books/Hungry Minds/Wiley series that spanned a dozen years. The book covers FileMaker Pro basics, as well as intermediate features—including how to design layouts, reports, and templates—so you can work as effectively as possible. You’ll also master advanced topics like using FileMaker Pro Apple Events and running FileMaker Pro on a network.

Inside youll find:

  • Step-by-step instructions that explain every command and procedure in simple, straightforward language
  • Detailed, real-life examples of how to put FileMaker Pro and its features to work for you
  • Expert tips on putting FileMaker Pro to work in your business or home
  • Glossaries of terms introduced in each chapter
  • Technical materials in the book illustrated on disk so you can see the database features in action
  • Free high-density floppy disk with ready-to-run templates, demos (including a PIM from Claris), and utilities that increase the functionality of FileMaker Pro

Macworld FileMaker Pro 2.0/2.1 Bible

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624 pages
Retail: $34.95
Wiley (IDG Books), 1994

Siliconwasteland price: Signed $500.00

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