Help! The Mac Answer Book

Help! The Mac Answer Book

Help! The Mac Answer Book is a troubleshooting guide to hardware, operating system, and software issues for Macs running System 7.

Even Mac lovers agree, no computer is trouble-free. But that doesn’t have to slow down your productivity. Now you can easily diagnose and fix most Mac malfunctions. Help! The Mac Answer Book’s problem/solution format makes Macintosh troubleshooting a breeze. Use the handy Error Message Table at the front of the book to jump directly to your problem. Then perform simple steps to correct the issue—or learn that a trip to the dealer is required.

Easy-to-understand explanations and clear illustrations let you confidently:

  • Prevent your Mac from crashing
  • Solve disk and file problems
  • Troubleshoot printer, mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other hardware glitches
  • Smoothly run system software and applications
  • Be knowledgable when talking to a dealer about Mac problems and your particular needs

Help! The Mac Answer Book

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302 pages
Retail: $14.95
Alpha Books, 1992

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