COMPUTE's Guide to Sega Genesis

COMPUTE's Guide to Sega Genesis

COMPUTE’s Guide to Sega Genesis was a guide to many of the earliest Genesis games. It contained reviews, ratings, screenshots, tips, and Super Secrets for 30 games and a handful of accessories. The included games were After Burner II, Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Budokan, Columns, Final Zone, Fire Shark, Ghostbusters, Golden Axe, Hard Drivin’, Insector-X, John Madden Football, Klax, Lakers vs. Celtics and the NBA Playoffs, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Mondu’s Fight Palace, Mystic Defender, Pat Riley Basketball, Phantasy Star II, Phelios, Populous, Rambo III, Shadow Blasters, Shove It!, Space Harrier II, Super Monaco GP, Target Earth, TechnoCop, Truxton, Whip Rush, Zany Golf!, and Zoom.

Author note: Like COMPUTE's Guide to Nintendo Games, this was the first trade paperback on Sega Genesis games. Unfortunately, many publishers noted how well my early Nintendo books had sold and decided to join the fray. Within a few weeks of the release of COMPUTE’s Guide to Sega Genesis, 10 competing titles appeared. While the market for Genesis books was large, it wasn't able to support that many titles. As a result, none of us made much money.

Compute’s Guide to Sega Genesis

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191 pages
Retail: $9.95
COMPUTE Books, 1990

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