Microsoft Picture It! 7 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

Microsoft Picture It 7 VQS

Picture It!? Picture this: a brand-new Visual QuickStart Guide devoted exclusively to Microsoft s newly updated photo editing software. Readers can use this task-based guide and any of the popular Picture It! suite of products to edit, organize, and share their rapidly growing collection of digitized photos. According to Lyra Research, by the end of 2002, 25 billion photos will have been taken on digital cameras. Using clear, direct language; step-by-step instructions; and loads of visual aids, veteran author Steve Schwartz will have users creating cards, calendars, and art projects with their photos; storing and sharing them over the Web; and cropping out old flames in no time. 

All products in the version 7 suite are covered (Express, Photo, Premium Photo, and Digital Image Pro), including their new features: level and tint adjustments, color lightening and darkening, and more. Anyone who wants to not only take charge of their photo collection but take it to new heights, will want Picture It! 7 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Microsoft Picture It! 7 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

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196 pages
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Peachpit Press, 2003

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