Macworld ClarisWorks Office Bible

Macworld ClarisWorks Office Bible

If ClarisWorks Office can do it, you can do it, too With tight integration among its six environments and new power features, ClarisWorks Office brings home and office computing to a new level of functionality. Using task-oriented instructions, numbered steps, and plenty of power tips throughout, Macworld ClarisWorks Office Bible shows you how you can create professional documents, spreadsheets, and databases; design eye-catching graphics; communicate over the Internet; and build Web pages — all without leaving ClarisWorks Office!

Macworld ClarisWorks Office Bible provides complete coverage of the new ClarisWorks Office:

  • Get comfortable with basics, such as opening files, printing, and using the new button bars
  • Weave tables, graphs, equations, outlines, images and QuickTime movies into your documents
  • Create intricate graphics using custom colors, patterns, textures, and gradients
  • Master spreadsheet basics, and then learn how to add charts, create formulas, and more
  • Build, organize, and edit databases to provide specific information
  • Print perfect mail-merged envelopes and labels
  • Integrate the different ClarisWorks Office environments
  • Design and publish your own Web pages using ClarisWorks templates and Claris Home Page Lite
  • Browse the World Wide Web using Netscape Navigator

Macworld ClarisWorks Office Bible

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Wiley, 1998

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