FileMaker Pro 7 Bible

FileMaker Pro 7 Bible

If FileMaker Pro 7 can do it, you can do it too ... 

Whether your organization uses Mac, Windows, or a combination of both, FileMaker Pro gives you the tools to build custom database solutions that work. This book teaches you how to use them, whether you’re a FileMaker Pro user, an experienced database developer, or new to database development. From the fundamentals of database design and management to sophisticated applications like sharing data via ODBC, JDBC, and XML, publishing your database on a corporate intranet, or designing databases for others to use, this reference has you covered.

Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of FileMaker Pro 7

  • Discover what makes good database design and how to build databases to meet your needs
  • Get acquainted with the enhanced capabilities of FileMaker Pro 7 and see how it differs from previous versions
  • Search, sort, and select database records and use them to produce reports
  • Make calculations and computations and exchange data among databases
  • Automate FileMaker Pro with ScriptMaker
  • Create templates and apply them to various data requirements
  • Link databases and use FileMaker Pro in workgroups
  • Find out about new plug-ins and custom functions available in FileMaker Pro 7
  • Learn to use new developer tools to create more complex databases

Bonus CD-ROM includes

  • Trial versions of FileMaker Pro 7 and the FileMaker XSLT Library
  • Important sample files from the book
  • Demo versions of Troi Text plug-in and Fmrobot

FileMaker Pro 7 Bible

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932 pages
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Wiley, 2004

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