Siliconwasteland is the official web site of Steve Schwartz, technology, computer, and game book author. In the past 35+ years, I've written hundreds of articles and more than 70 books designed to help people learn about and master technology and computer applications, such as the Samsung Galaxy S series phones, Microsoft Office, and FileMaker Pro. As one of the earliest game book/strategy guide authors, I also wrote many of the first books for Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Windows, and Macintosh games.

All books sold by Siliconwasteland are in new, gift-quality condition — even the handful of titles that are more than 20 years old. As the author, I was given 10–25 copies of each book to do with as I pleased. I’ve been faithfully storing many of these books since the day they were published, although quantities are extremely limited. Every book can optionally be purchased as an author-signed copy. Pick out a title for yourself or as a gift for a friend and help me clean house!


  • Don’t confuse my computer or game books with the software they’re designed to help you understand and eventually master. These books do not include software.
  • Only books described as "full color” are in color; all others are black-and-white.
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